Wednesday, 2 July 2014


How to Recover SDHC Card Data Using Mac Disk Utility?

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Disk Utility, a built in application with Mac OS X, performs various disk and disk-volume related tasks like formatting and partitioning. It is located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder of Mac hard drive. Mac users can use it to repair minor errors with the disks and removable devices. It can be used to recover inaccessible data from SDHC cards as well.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Factors to count upon while recovering data from dead Mac hard disk

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You must be very well aware of the fact that your computer's hard drive stores up your documents and programs. No matter, whether your important files are photos, emails, music files or any other business documents, all of them can be very well typically stored on your hard drive. But, the real problem is that most of the users just not realize how fragile their data is until it's too late. Even a minor incident like one minor power surge or hard disk failure can just wipe out the entire collection of digital photos, music, and documents. In just a flick of few seconds, every single document that was really important for you would be gone instantly, with little chance of it being recovered. 

Monday, 23 December 2013


A guide to help buying Mac Data Recovery software

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Mac Data Recovery software, as the name indicates is used for recovering the data lost from the computer having MAC operating system installed. Today, the market is being flooded with a large number of data recovery tools due to which finding the best MAC data recovery software has become a challenge.

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Use Mac Data Recovery tool to restore deleted files

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Have you accidentally deleted important files from your hard disk drive? Don’t panic because you can recover deleted files easily whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac Operating system. You can restore permanently deleted files with utmost ease and guarantee. But what matters in such a situation is the time you take to act.

In a typical situation of data loss, you should act as soon as you realize that the files are lost. When a file is deleted from your computer, it is not actually deleted. The file is removed from the list of directory of files in the folder. Although, you cannot see the name of the file in the folder, but the file still exists in your computer and can be recovered easily with the use of Kernel for Mac recovery.

Thursday, 26 September 2013


How to Recover Deleted Mac Files?

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Recovering Accidentally Deleted Mac Files from Trash

It happens to all of us that we accidentally delete some useful files from our computers. If you are an Apple Mac user, you can see all these files in the Trash of your computer. Files deleted from the Finder of Apple Mac OSX are stored here. The Command-Z key combination can be used to recover accidentally the deleted Mac files. This method is useful only for the recovery of the last item deleted. But all items from the Trash can be recovered simply by dragging them to desired location after opening the Trash (by clicking the Trash icon).

How to perform a complete MAC data recovery?

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Mac OS is known for their reliability, but they aren't immune to hard disk failure, viruses, physical damage and other threats that can result data disaster condition. Sometimes, when you try to start your Mac OS system, you come across broken folder icon, kernel panic or prohibitory sign that may appear at startup. Such unexpected behavior of Mac OS prevents the system from booting up correctly. Finally, all your critical data becomes inaccessible and you face critical data loss situations. You should create regular backup of your data and save at safe storage location. 

This data disaster problem occurs due to a number of reasons such as operating system crash or malfunction, system data structure damage, boot loader corruption, damage to MBR (Master Boot Record) and so forth. Whatever is the reason, you might face severe data loss situations. In order to get rid of such issues and retrieve the lost or inaccessible data, you need to perform Mac data recovery by following proper procedures.

How to recover deleted mac files from SD card?

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Using Secure Digital (SD) Cards with Mac

What will you do after you have accidentally deleted some interesting pictures, or hard-earned songs or videos from the memory card of your smart phone or from some other electronic device? There are a lot we can do to recover them. Here we discuss this topic with the assumptions that we all are Mac users.

Secure Digital (SD) Cards in Mac

Secure Digital (SD) cards are non-volatile storage devices that are very popular because of their low prices and compactness. They are economical, easy to insert and remove, and several gigabytes of data can easily be handled using them. SD Cards conform to technical standards prescribed by SD Association, an association of leading electronic manufacturers, and can be used with a large number of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, tablet computers, camcorders and video game consoles. They mostly use FAT 32 file format, and own storage capacities up to 32 GB.